General appearance of a dungeon

Dungeons are areas in Zodiac containing monsters which are killed to gain experience or items. Killing monsters for experience is called leveling and kill them for items is called farming. When inside a dungeon players can damage monsters but they may not damage or use harmful skills (including cannibalize) on other players. Trading is also disabled in dungeons though players may still bypass this by using "/shop" instead.

It should also be noted that damage and spell power are different when inside a dungeon, possibly to keep the use of skills for pvp different from the use of skills against monsters.

List of Dungeons (and their levels)Edit

Lich Basement (1-6)

Lich Mines (1-6)

Fox Den (1-8)

Spider Dungeon (6-14)

Crocs Waterfall Escape (8-16)

Agara Crocs (8-16)

Fire Spawn Cavern (10-16)

Agara Spawns (10-16)

Puppin Dungeon (10-16)

Cloud City (60*Used to be10-17*)

Ninja's Hideout (16-22)

Vampire's Haunted House (18-20)

Agara Vampires (18-22)

Drow Dungeon (18-22)

Goblin Cove (22-30)

Elves (22-30)

Agara Elves (22-30)

Dragon Mines (24-30)

Drawde Dragon Cave (24-30)

Agara Gladiators (28-34)

Drawde Gladiators (28-34)

Volcano Entrance (28-38)

Crystal Cavern (~30)

Wolf Dungeon (~32)

Agara Spear Gladiators (38-42)

Agara Ogres (38-42)

Ogre Hole (38-42

Lich Brute Mines (38-48)

Demonweed Dungeon (~38)

Bad Dreams (42-52)

Nightmare Dungeon (42-52)

Seryl Dungeon (44-52)

Rock Dungeon (~45)

Drawde Ferals Dungeon (52-60)

Rogue Stronghold (52-60)

Timeweaver's Castle (52-60)

Port Anchorage (52-60)

Elemental Dungeon (54-60)

Zorbi Dungeon (55-60)

Dino's Cavern (58-60)

Drawde Ninja's Secret (60)

Ssuorrvlos' Lair (60)

Terrum (60)

Pyramids (60)

Forest Cavern (60)

Port Cale (60) is a strange kind of dungeon in that it is on the overworld and thus is not technically a dungeon.