Graal Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and Zodiac is one of the servers you can choose to play. 

The server is big enough to have the effect of an MMORPG, but small enough for everyone to know everyone, so start making friends (and rivals!) 

Zodiac has a long history, and has undergone multiple managers, with Fowlplay4 being its current manager, and Ketsomaru taking the sole role of head developer. It is always under construction, and new content may be added. Be sure to check the news every time you log in to Zodiac to see what changes have been made. It is a fairly popular server, with around 40-70 players on during the weekdays, and 70-80 on the weekends. It has many events, Quests, and things to keep you busy. You will never feel done because there is always new content being released, and more Equipment to obtain.

If you are looking for something to do, consider checking out the Weapons, Armor, Dungeons, and Monster articles. If you are here for some quick useful Zodiac information some fairly complete pages include Races, and Player Commands. Also those Classes and Weapons that have pages should have fairly complete information. Remember, if you see anything that's outdated or incomplete you're free to fix it. Everyone has permission to edit this Wiki. This wiki is still just a work in progress so please stop by to contribute anything you can! If you are new to editing wikis then consider the help section.

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