Monks are disciplined and able to withstand any attack, while chaining attacks together and weakening the enemy. They have high perserverance, and an immense amount of stamina. The longer the fight lasts, the more the monk has an advantage because it can heal over time with discipline.

Monk can advance to Gladiator or Avenger with the proper classes raised.

Stat GainsEdit

Monks gain the following stats each class level:

  • 3.5 strength
  • 3 dexterity
  • 1.5 intelligence
  • 4 stamina
  • .5 luck


Name: Fist Mastery
Level: 2
Info: Increases damage done with your fists.

Name: Cobra Fist
Level: 4
Info: Attacks your target with a poisonous strike.

Name: Tough Skin
Level: 6
Info: Increases your defense by a small amount passively and allows it to increase by a little for every Earth Affinity point you have.

Name: Tiger Claw
Level: 8
Info: Deals 250% fist damage.

Name: Earth Slam

Level: 12
Info: Slams the earth underneath the monk and stuns and damages all targets within the area.

Name: Dragon Fang
Level: 16
Info: Deals 300% fist damage.

Name: Discipline
Level: 18
Info: Allows you to regenerate small amounts of HP over time without having to sit.

Name: Perfect Strike
Level: 20
Info: Allows your fists to have a chance of causing critical strikes.

Name: Pigeon Peck
Level: 24
Info: Attacks your targets eyes, causing them to become blinded for a short duration.

Name: Ki Blast
Level: 28
Info: Fires a Ki beam at your target.

Name: Body Throw
Level: 30
Info: Charges into your target dealing moderate damage, stunning them and dealing a small amount of damage back to you.

Name: Impact
Level: 38
Info: Allows your fist attacks to sometime stun the target for a short duration.

Name: Fist Mastery II
Level: 42
Info: Increases critical rate and damage with your fists.

Name: Swift Strike

Level: 46
Info: Allows you to hit twice instead of once sometimes when attacking with your fists.

Name: Ki Wave
Level: 48
Info: Causes a small AoE around the monk dealing damage to all targets in the area.

Name: Chakra
Level: 52
Info: Restores a small amount of HP/MP and removes any negative effects from the monk.

Class Mastery:Edit

Forceful Blow- Increases the chance of Impact activating by 2/4/6%.

Improved Chakra- Increases the HP/MP restored by chakra by 6/13/20%.

Meditation- Increases the regenerative effects of Discipline by 100/200/300%.

Hardened Skin- Enhances the Tough Skin effect by 33/66/100%.

Tremor Point- Causes Earth Slam to deal 150/200/250% additional damage.