Ogre Arch Mages always hold a Dark Staff when seen despite casting no dark spells

Ogre Arch Mages are the bosses of the Ogre Hole and Agara Ogres. They drop the following items at the following rates (according to the scan ability.)

Dark Staff at 20%

Water Staff at 20%

Fire Staff at 20%

Wind Staff at 20%

Priest Staff at 20%

The monsters themselves are listed as being level 48. They have 59,200 max hp and 1000 mp . Their damage is 1150 and their defense is 690. (According to the scan ability.) Like Ogre Casters they can use the skills Fireball, Chill and Lightning Bolt. Unlike the others monsters in these two dungeons however there is only 1 per dungeon and it has a much longer respawn rate (10 Minutes).