Ogre Hole entrance. You must run into the wall to jump inside

The Ogre Hole (also known as Northern Ogres because of its location) is a level 38-42 dungeon containing Ogre Brutes, Ogre Casters and the dungeon boss Ogre Arch Mage. It is located on the island north of osl and may not be left once entered without getting to the end, using the portal skill, the command "unstick me" or dying. This dungeon is a source of Level 40 armor, Aleara, Wind Staves, Dark Staves, Water Staves, Fire Staves, and Priest Staves. Surprisingly this dungeon has no level cap, thus players under level 38 can still come in and level with higher level players here.

Locating the DungeonEdit

On the map the dungeon is located on the right side of the island located above osl. It is marked with a red X a

Ogre dungeon on the map (circled in red)

nd will give the dungeon name and recommended level if the player hovers their mouse over it. Once located the player must run into the wall of the entrance to jump over the wall and land inside. However once inside a player can not walk back out. The only ways to leave are to use the command "unstick me", die and respawn, reaching the end of the dungeon or using the portal skill.

Monsters and DropsEdit

This dungeon contains the following monsters:

Ogre Brute

Ogre Caster

Ogre Arch Mage

The monsters there, when killed, will drop the following items:

Level 40 armor


Wind Staff

Dark Staff

Water Staff

Fire Staff

Priest Staff

Locating the BossEdit


Waterfall leading to the Boss

In order to reach the boss (the monster known as Ogre Arch Mage) players will have to use a secret passage-way through the waterfall found in the dungeon's third room to the right from the entrance. Because this monster tends to give better drops and experience it is usually worth the players' time assuming they can defeat the boss.