A Priest casting a blessing.

Priests are very supportive of their allies and can keep them alive. Priests are extremely valuable allies, because they can call upon holy magic to heal party members for moderate amounts, or an individual player for very high amounts. They can also do moderate damage, should they choose to.

Priest can advance to Summoner, Druid, or Paladin with the proper classes raised.

Stat GainsEdit

Priests gain the following stats each class level:

  • 1.5 strength
  • 2 dexterity
  • 5 intelligence
  • 2.5 stamina
  • 1 luck


Name Level Description Cooldown
Minor Heal 2 Heals an ally for a small amount. N/A
Exorcise 4 Deals light damage to enemies. 0
Blessing of Ascent 6 Increases your target's stamina, strength, dexterity and intelligence for 15 minutes 0
Restore 10 Heals your party for a small amount.
Recharge 12 Revives an ally with a small amount of HP/MP. N/A
Rebirth 16  Revives you a few seconds after you die with a moderate amount of HP/MP.
Halo 20 Heals your allies and deals damage to your targets for a moderate amount.
12 sec.
Energy Freeze 24 Freezes your target with light energy for a duration.
32 sec.
Uncloak Shadows 30 Creates a small AoE around the priest that forces targets out of stealth if they tread too close. 0
Healing Mastery 32 Increases healing power and reduces targeted heals spell cooldown. N/A
Egress 34 Warps your party to the entrance of the dungeon you're currently in.
Cleanse 36 Removes two negative effects from your target.
4 sec.
Major Heal 38 Heals your target for a large amount.
10 sec.
Lifestream 40 Heals your party for a large amount.
10 sec.
Chastise 42
Revive 45 Revives an ally with a moderate amount of HP/MP. N/A
Sin Repent 50 Sacrifices some HP in exchange for some MP.Deals a great amount of light damage to enemies.
Absolution 52 Grants your target immunity to all sources of damage and causes them unable to move for a duration. N/A

Class Mastery:Edit

Devotion- Raises all of your healing by 3/6/9%.

Improved Rebirth- Reduces the cooldown of Rebirth by 90/180/270 seconds.

Empowered Word- Gives Exorcise a 33/66/100% chance to dispel a buff on the target, and gives Cleanse a 33/66/100% chance to cast minor heal per cleansed debuff.

Reverance- Reduces the MP cost of your healing spells by 3/6/10%.

Clear Mind- Reduces the casting time of your healing spells by 0.15/0.3/0.45 seconds.