A room in the Puppin Dungeon

The Puppin Dungeon is an obscure dungeon located below the Rogue Stronghold. Despite requiring a time consuming swim/walk/boat ride to reach, the monsters, known as Puppin Acolyte, are level 10-16, which makes them way too easy for a level 60 dungeon and too hard for your average level 1 player. The dungeon its self is located in a large conspicuous cave in the bottom right corner of the island.

Locating the DungeonEdit


Puppin Dungeon located on Elmdale Island, circled in red on the map.

To reach it the player must first either swim/boat to Elmdale (there should be a way onto the land near the bottom of the island) or use a portal to jump staight to the Rogue Stronghold. Once on land the player should scamper or walk to the bottom right corner of the island where they should find a large brown cave containing the monsters. Though the this dungeon is a bit of a pain to reach it can still be used to level up between levels 10 and 16, and it might be nice if the player is looking for a change in scenery.

Monsters and DropsEdit

This dungeon only contains one monster, known as Puppin Acolyte.

Puppin Acolytes only drop one item, it is called a Puppin Training Blade. (This is the only place to obtain this weapon.)



Don't walk diagonally down from the left of the tree or you will not be walking back out.

Note that you can get stuck between the tree and the fence if you walk down there. If this happens you will need to unstick and walk/swim/port. back. (Unless a staff member pulls you out.)