Info on puppin essence

Puppin Essence allows the player to play as a Puppin. Puppin Essence is also a quest item which is required to play as an Avenger class. Unlike most essence, puppin essence is generally gained either from an npc for CTF points or from players for money/items, though it can also be farmed from the Champ at a 0.2% drop rate.

To buy it for CTF points you must go into the Events House (located below osl and just above and to the left of the Lich Basement) and enter the first door on the right labeled CTF Prize Room. Inside you will find an npc wearing a tuxido selling it for 200,000ctf points. CTF points are gained by playing CTF, (say "/ctfqueue" to join the list of people who want to play.)

The npc which sell the Puppin Essence