A scout using Whirlwind shot.

Scouts are very quick and stealthy with their attacks. They are precise and master of the bows, and can snipe from a distance. If an enemy gets too close to them, they can switch out their bow to a dagger and cripple them with extremely fast attacks.

A Scout can advance to Ranger, Avenger or Druid with the proper classes raised. Scouts gain the following stats each class level:

  • 1 strength
  • 3.5 dexterity
  • 2 intelligence
  • 3 stamina
  • 3.5 luck


Name: Acuminate
Level: 2
Info: Increases the damage done by agility weapons by 10% for a duration.(exludes bows and crossbows)

Name: Spy
Level: 4
Info: Allows you to see the statistics of an enemy in PvE.

Name: Rapid Strikes

Level: 6
Info: Attacks rapidly costing accuracy.

Name: Impact Stab
Level: 8
Info: Increases chance to critical for agility weapons.

Name: Pathfinding

Level: 10
Info: Allows you to walk over stones and bushes.

Name: Sprint

Level: 12
Info: Increases movement speed for a duration.

Name: Aim Bow
Level: 14
Info: Allows you to fire arrows in the direction of your mouse.

Name: Detect Hidden
Level: 16
Info: Allows you to see any stealthed players in the area.

Name: Bow Mastery
Level: 18
Info: Increases Bow damage.

Name: Camouflage
Level: 24
Info: Allows you to stealth for a long duration and only breaks if you're hit or if you move.

Cooldown: 10 seconds(after leaving stealth)

Name: Sabotage
Level: 28
Info: Snares your target for a duration.

Name: Overdraw
Level: 30
Info: Overdraws the bow to fire an arrow at extreme velocity.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Name: Unveil
Level: 34
Info: Forces your target out of stealth.


Level: 36

Info: Marks anyone in stealth

Name: Whirlwind Shot
Level: 38
Info: Fires a whirlwind of arrows that knock back anyone near you.

Name: Piercing Arrow
Level: 40
Info: Arrows pierce through armor.

Name: Rapid Fire
Level: 42
Info: Allows you to shoot arrows faster at a small percentage

Name: Fleet of Foot
Level: 44
Info: Increases the movement speed of any allies near you for a duration.

Name: Ambush

Level: 48


Name: Ensnare

Level: 52

Info: Binds the target's feet(Requires to be in camoflauge, requires bow)

Class Mastery:Edit

Tumble-When you use Camoflage you also warp 6/8/16 in the direction you are walking. 

Improved Pathfinding- Gives a 12/24/36% movement speed increase while outside.

Quick Draw- Increases the chance of Rapid Fire activating by 3/6/9%.

Improved Whirlwind Shot- Increased the number of arrows in your whirlwind shot by 2/4/6 and increases knockback chance by 5/10/15%.

Triple Shot- Allows Double Shot a 4/8/12% chance to fire three arrows instead of two.