Warriors use their brute force to overcome obstacles. They have high strength gain and are able to use most axes, swords, spears, maces, and morning stars. They obtain many abilities to increase their damage.

Warriors can advance to Assassin, Dark Knight, Gladiator , or Paladin with the proper classes raised.

Stat GainsEdit

Warriors gain the following stats each class level:

  • 4 Strength
  • 3 Dexterity
  • 1 Intelligence
  • 3.5 Stamina
  • .5 Luck


Name: Bash
Level: 2
Info: Gives strength weapons a chance to stun. Increased with earth embrace. 


Name: Hard Strike
Level: 6
Info: Raises critical hit rate by 3%.


Name: Axe Mastery
Level: 10
Info: Increases damage dealt by axes.


Name: Taunt

Level: 12
Info: Transfers all aggro to you when used on a monster. Instantly freezes the target in place for .1 second. Additionally, if used when they're casting a spell, they'll be unable to use it for 4 seconds when used on a player.

Cooldown: 13 seconds.   Name: Sword Mastery
Level: 16
Info: Increases damage dealt by swords.


Name: Whirlwind
Level: 18
Info: Instantly attacks in a small AoE, dealing damage to every target within range.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Name: Rush
Level: 22
Info: Pushes the target back and disarms the target for 7 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Name: Glory

Level: 26
Info: Killing a target grants a one minute damage increase. Using it causes you to regenerate HP and MP based on your berserker stats.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Laceration
Level: 28
Info: Wounds your target, causing them to bleed. Deals 1.5% of their max hp every tick over a 15 second period.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

Name: Iron Wall

Level: 30
Info: Reduces damage taken for a short time, up to 50% total mitigation if you have invested 60 warrior levels.

Cooldown: 1 minute, 5 seconds. (50 with steel wall cmp)

Name: Berserker
Info: Dealing damage causes you to gain a berserker stat. Stacks up to 20 times, and enhances your other skills.

Name: Enrage

Level: 34

Info: Deal more damage and take more damage.

Name: Pulverize
Level: 36
Info: Deals damage and stuns the target in a cone-based area in front of the warrior based on his/her current berserker stack count.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Name: Throw Axe
Level: 38
Info: Throws the warrior's axe at the target, dealing moderate damage and stunning them.

Cooldown: 14 seconds.

Name: Bash II

Level: 40
Info: Gives a chance to stun, and adds extra damage upon Bash procs. Increased with earth embrace.

Passive   Name: Leg Trample
Level: 42
Info: Strikes target, impairing their movement. Stuns if the target is bleeding (from Laceration).
Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Name: Phalanx
Level: 46
Info: Decreases speed and damage taken.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Name: Deterge
Level: 52

Class Mastery Points (CMPs)Edit

Steel Wall - Reduces the cooldown of Iron Wall and Frenzy by 5/10/15 seconds

Improved Berserker -  Gives you an additional 34%/66%/100% chance to gain 1 berserker stack when attacked.

Enrage Compensation - Reduces extra damage taken from Enrage and Frenzy by 2%/4%/6%, and increases damage dealt with Enrage by 3%/6%/9%.

Twister - Gives Whirlwind a 33%/66%/100% chance to pull enemies in.

Focus - Causes taunt to force your target to target you for 1/2/3 seconds.